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About Yours Truly.

drawing by griffsnuff


Name: Anna (aka) Cayran

Residence: US of A

Occupation: paralegal, musician, adrenaline junkie, artist.

Likes: art, music, gummy bears, ice cream, animals, scooters, anime, comics, mythology, corona, pinot grigio, duct tape, trees, coke zero, sweet tea, internet, traveling, action packed films, thunderstorms, accents, aliens, and ghosts.

Dislikes: humidity, spiders, whining, irresponsibility, war, and sports movies

Hobbies: drawing, singing, dancing, theater, walking, hunting, fishing, and sleeping

Other: I'm a vegetarian + chicken, I live on a farm, I have horses and I ride them, disney movies make me cry, I have an american southern accent.

Art Projects

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CATS Review

Tue Sep 6, 2016, 9:02 AM

So, as most know, I went on a FABULOUS Royal Caribbean cruise this past week.  The ship I was on was the “Oasis of the Seas,” which is one of the largest cruise ships in the world! The Broadway show featured on the ship was “CATS,” which, as you all should know by now, is my favorite EVER. :D


I watched the show not once, but twice – Sunday and the following Friday.  I was extremely impressed, and in my opinion, it was better than the previous USA tour. I had amazing seats both times, and was able to interact with the actors coming down the isles. 


During the first performance, Munkustrap recited the “Naming of Cats” to me, and Plato sat in my lap near the end of the performance.  During the second performance, I sat on the opposite side of the stage, and Alonzo recited the “Naming of Cats” to me, and Skimbleshanks during the bows came down the isle and while I was clapping, stood behind me, tapped my shoulder, and when I turned around, scared me. I even was able to talk briefly with the actors and actresses who played Munojerrie, Teazer, and Victoria at the end of the second show.  They were all incredibly sweet!


The only thing I didn’t like about the show was the fact that a few characters were missing.  I heard that the reason Coricopat wasn’t in the show last week was that the actor who played him had to return home for the week due to a family emergency.  Typically, he is in the show.  The show did not include Admetus, Electra, Etcetera, or Exotica. With Electra and Cettie missing, Tugger’s “fangirls” were Rumpleteazer, Tantomile, and Victoria.


Some of the pairings are relationships were very similar to the movie, while some were surprising. For example, we had the typical Munkustrap/Demeter pairing, Tugger/Bomba pairing, and Alonzo/Cassandra pairing.  Although Victoria danced the mating dance with Plato, she hung around Tumble quite a bit, and shared a sibling relationship with Misto.  Other relationships I noticed were:


1. Skimbleshanks acted like a father to Jemima and Victoria – primarily Jemima though. During the Grizabella scenes, he shielded her away and was extremely protective of her during the Macavity scenes.


2. Jellylorum acted like a mother to Jemima and Victoria.  While Skimble focused his “protective” instincts on Jemima, Jelly was the one to constantly shield Victoria and dote on her. During the mating dance though, it was a if Skimble “gave Victoria away” to Plato, which I found rather sweet.


3. While Tugger was the typical Tugger we all love, I often observed him acting as a “big brother” to Tumble, Pounce, and Misto.  During one song, Tugger and Tumble sat together and he proceeded to pick at Tumble’s mane and had his other arm slung over Pounce’s shoulder. It was super sweet! Then of course, throughout the show, Tugger and Misto batted at each other and pulled at each other’s tails constantly. I caught them (Tugger/Misto) grinning at each other from across the stage a couple of times too.


4. Mungo and Teazer were precious. The end. They kept to themselves mostly, but every now and then, would sit around Tantomile and Quaxo/Misto.


5. Speaking of Tantomile, she and Misto were “together” during the mating dance.  


6. Gus had a GORGEOUS voice, as did Jellylorum/Griddlebone, and naturally, Grizabella. I really loved Skimble’s voice too. The actor who played him looked younger than what you’d usually expect, but he was fabulous!


7. While Alonzo did play a “guardian” role in the show, it wasn’t as largely focused on as it was in the movie. Instead, he, Munkustrap, and Misto seemed to all be protectors, and seemed to take on the role as good friends.


8. The actresses who played Demeter and Bomba were gorgeous. They were extremely good, and in my opinion, gave the actresses from the movie a run for their money! What I did appreciate was the fact that Demeter didn’t play the “victim” the whole time. She was rather lively.


Anyway, if you’d like to know more, let me know! In the mean time, check out the photos I took during the Friday afternoon show! :D

Skin by illiyah


Contact Me

(image by B-0-0-N)

Facebook: Oh hai!

Skype: odoann

Twitter: Tweet me

Traditional Account: HarrisHill


For all my fellow CATS lovers, I posted a link to the pictures in my latest journal! 

5 deviants said go check it out!


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